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The Kata Evaluation System began to be developed in 2012 after many talks with teachers, referees, coaches and athletes participating in the US OPEN 2012. On this occasion Jose Maria participated in the event as a competitor and realized that the view of referees, coaches and athletes were not the same in the assessment points.


At that moment the idea of SEK came up and over the years it has evolved into what we have today.

Many evaluations have been made, including events where all assessments are made by the system.


The point we will focus on is the training of high performance athletes and their performances, comparisons, trends, analysis of results and events.


Want to be evaluated and have your data compared to the best athletes in the world?


Know exactly where to focus your training?


Increase your potential and reduce your shortcomings?


Here we can help. Check out all the news and evolve.

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José Maria

José Maria Rodrigues holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Systems Analysis, he has been practicing Karate since 1990 and currently he is 3 dan from shotokan FGK / CBK / WKF.


He was Technical and Arbitration Director of the Federação Gaúcha de Karate from 2006 to 2013.


Technician of athletes multi champions of the state and recognized in the national scenario. In 2012 after participating in the US Open and exchanging information with various teachers, referees and athletes created the system that today is called SEK and allows the development of KATA athletes.


In the year 2015 SEK was used in the Seleção Gaúcha de Karate for the regional phase (Foz do Iguaçu), in this event the Gaúchos achieved their best results in years, proving the efficiency of the SEK in only 3 months of training.

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