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Here at UKFPRO we seek innovation and methods that can help athletes, coaches and referees involved in the world of high-performance karate.


In kumite we have our rules that we believe are much clearer and attractive to the general public that lacks understanding of the current rules of sports karate.


In kata we have our main point of development at the moment. Our analysis and evaluation system will allow for a transparent evaluation and a minimum of arbitrators. A wide range of information according to the criteria of the World Karate Federation.


This information is used in our training methods, both for athletes and referees. Know our methodology and be part of UKFPRO SEK as an accredited appraiser, which will also allow you to obtain financial resources.

APPS and System

We develop applications and systems for managing events and evaluations of karate athletes.

Courses and training

We provide courses and training for technicians, referees, teachers and athletes who want to know our work methodology.

Accredited Evaluator

Taking the official UKFPRO course and passing the assessments. You are credited for making official evaluations where athletes and coaches will seek your services.

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